Practise your swing and hit better drives in destinations with the ideal climate for playing golf: Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the exotic Caribbean. Meliá Hotels International provides a wide choice of hotels where the golf course is the main feature. Choose your destination and find the best resorts with a golf course nearby or at the hotel itself.



Our hotels have the very best golfing facilities. Complete your workout with a wide range of services, two steps away from the golf course: restaurant, spa, gym... Come to the golf club and experience a unique moment of leisure.



Reserve your vacation near these golf courses designed for all levels of play. A defiant challenge to the professional golfer, with renowned golf tournaments, as well as a nice environment for the beginner golfer, who can enjoy golf lessons.


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If you are looking for holidays where you can enjoy your favourite hobby, Meliá Hotels International offers an extensive range of destinations where you can practice your best swing. We meet your needs with a range of accommodation where golf plays a starring role. Hotels with a golf course where you can enjoy the comforts of quality accommodation along with all the facilities for enjoying this particular sport.

We have thirty hotels located right next to courses, or in the surrounding area, where you can rest peacefully after a day of sport or relax by playing a few holes after a tough day of work. Some of these courses were designed by internationally renowned golf pros, and all of them are adapted to suit every handicap level. We offer a great experience for the most ambitious players, as well as total beginners.

At our hotels you will find generous greens, different starting tees and multiple flag positions: a wide range of sensations that prompt concentration during play. We have everything from courses that need long and precise shots to avoid obstacles, to courses originally designed for high level competitions, where only the most skilled will dare to venture. A constant challenge that is an attraction for all true lovers of this sport. Enjoy facilities that can handle either a full golf tournament, or just courses where beginners can receive their first golf lessons. Share the results of your rounds in the golf club's very select atmosphere, having a pleasant chat with other players.

In the traditional golfing destinations of Spain as well as the most exotic Caribbean locations, the natural environments that are home to the golfing facilities provide an added attraction for the playing experience. You will find greens that adapt to the environment, blending into the regional habit, and respecting the local plants and wildlife. There are courses that are home to lakes, pine forests, reservoirs and even mangrove swamps. You will be surrounded by seascapes, tropical forests or mountains, depending on the destination with excellent views along every step of the way.

As you cannot do physical activity all the time, at all these hotels you can combine golf and rest, with all the services and comforts of our hotels. After completing the course, you can relax by yielding to the pleasure of our comfortable rooms, the extensive range of haute cuisine or the body care offered at our spas.